Monday, October 20, 2008

A man has decided to kill himself
and he has recorded a video
about it.
He is holding a black pistol
and he seems a bit
and he seems very angry
and very sad.
But very focused.
The video is on the television right now.
Before he kills himself he says
he wants to kill his
He wants to kill his mother for revenge
and he wants to kill himself for release
and he has made a video to ensure that no one
his actions.
His sister is on the television too.
She is still alive.
She seems very angry and very sad too.
They were in a cult
but they escaped.
The brother has killed himself and his mother
and the sister has run away.
The sister seems awfully sad.
The brother of course is dead.
He had sex with his mother
and his sister had sex with an old man.
They did this together in the same bed.
It is how they were
A brother and sister
who were raped as children
are on tv.
The sister seems awfully sad
and the brother is dead.
He has killed himself and his mother as well.
Another woman is on tv too.
She says the brother and the sister
were never harmed.
She says they simply grew up surrounded
by love
and liberality.
And they have pictures to prove it.
Someone has replaced the faces
of the people in the pictures with
cartoon faces
for their own good.

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