Thursday, August 18, 2011

Surfer Song

A length of lightning falls through the air and slips like a pole into the sea1. We watch it fall. This is the end of the afternoon. We climb the beach but the sand doesn't make a sound2.

It's a big lot but it's mostly empty. The car is there. And some other surf cars spaced out where the empty spots were when it was busy earlier3.

Christ it's hot. A blue shaped covalence. Atmospheric. For all we know it's how it's always been. Now is forever4.


1. I mean like it's not a bolt. It's not bolting out of the sky. Or anything. It's slow like it's falling through the air vertically on end. The long way. You know those rides at the fair where it's like a big swing? You have to pay extra and they haul you up in the air and you look out over the fair and you have to pull the cord? To make yourself fall? When you pull it you hang there forever. Like you hang there for a long time and then you start to finally fall. And you go faster and faster but it's slow at first. And it's long and thin and falling like a pole would fall. And it slides long and vertically into the water. That's the lightning.

2. You can tell the age of sand by the sharpness of its edges. The sharper the sand the younger it is. Old sand has spent a billion years banging around into everything. The oldest sand is a perfect sphere#.

       #. The oldest sand will sing your ears off.

3. You just need any car where the seats fold down. The back ones and you tie the trunk down. Unless you're real good and you ride a slick little fish and then you can drive whatever.

4. Always.

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