Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Cherry went to the ends of the earth.

Cherry walked the Barrier.

Brave Cherry dared the Winter Journey.

Cherry froze all ten fingers on the first day of the Winter Journey.

Cherry walked in the dark.

Cherry forgot about the difference between night and day.

Cherry walked 130 miles in 100 degrees of frost.

Cherry pulled the sledge.

Cherry, Bowers, and Wilson planned to be away six weeks.

Cherry ever positive built a stone house above Cape Crozier and stayed ten days.

Cherry climbed a hill to read a thermometer.

Cherry was a sailor hero.

Cherry sounded the white surface and found it hollow all around.

Cherry brought six tins of oil on the Winter Journey.

A reindeer bag was home to Cherry.

Cherry walked a cape of snow.

Cherry assembled the blubber stove.

Frozen Cherry listened to his heart beat slow.

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