Wednesday, March 28, 2012

American Love Story #3

It was the fuzziness that really brought me down. All those soft edges. There were flowers in the trees and we were exploring new love bravely. The days went on and on. The sun went up and down in America. Perfect waves came in row upon row. Swans, ponds, misty air, apple trees we saw it all. Still the fuzziness. Echos, animals, tv screens none of it makes a difference. It's soft even under the mountains of America. We're so sad! We're so tan from the sun just look at our shoulders! We've been so high! Apparently we will have to make the best we can from what little we have been left. We read the journals of Lewis and Clark and set out.
Put the key in the back of the bird and twist it toward me. Do not hold back. Say to the hand "turn."
There is nothing here! We have followed this river into wilderness and it has brought us to nothing! My friend, what do we do now?
Do not be afraid! Say to the wrist "up." We'll catch a fish and the wood is dry for a fire. My friend, what more could you want?
Swell, imperious bells. I fly. 

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